'87 Monte Carlo SS


NEWS: Hot off the Press.

I have put about 2000 miles on my TREMEC TKO and it is still as much fun as the first day I did it. Check out my Mods page under tranny to see the complete install.

New Paint: Before I bought the car the first time, the previous owner had hit a deer. It bent the passenger front fender, cause a spider web in the paint on the nose, and shattered the headlight bezel. I figured it was time to fix the body before I went to the NMCOA Convention in Tennessee this June. A friend of mine sent me to his body man who said he would strip the car down, fill in all body divots, put on my new fender, and paint the entire car a PPG Jet black. Chevy black has a little brown in it, Ford black has a little blue in it, and other blacks have other colors in it. I didn't want any other colors in my black. This was the most Jet Black I could find. I'll tell you something tho, you can definitly tell a difference. Go to my Mods page under exterior to see the new paint.

Interior pictures are finally up for those of you that ask to see pictures of my "work in progress" Autometer Phantom gauges and 2000 Trans Am seats. Again under Mods page below interior.

Check out Stage 4 on under my mods page to see what happened on the way to the 2002 NMCOA.



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